Tristan Rêverb
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Happy to announce!Since 01.09.2013 you are all able to get your own handmade copy of the 7 track EP.Costs: 5€ + portoJust order per email : tristanreverb@gmail.comorper bandcamp website :

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Tristan Rêverb - Taken by beauty you never will own. 
An ambient folk record.1. Prelisten | is all songs in one, come in, snow 2. Taken | is rough acoustic guitar, angst in love, american suburbs in the 90s 3. Orange Curtains | is piano for grandmother, livingroom, cherry blossom 4. In | is trumpetulous, deep woods, kidnapped 5. Mia,with you i´ll end. | is analog synth loop, grown-up lullaby, Mia Cross 6. Hidden Bonus Track | is something far away 7. Flatina | is to being homeless at home. 
|Cover-Picture © by Ellika Henrikson
|written, recorded and mixed by Tristan Rêverb
|thanks to David Georgos alias LOCOTO for mastering

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              Mia, with you I´ll end  |released 1.03.2013
"Like diving in honey, feeling sheltered and at ease.Ten minutes of a stunning analog Synthloop. Little by little the different clangs
form sensible disharmonic arrangements and superimpositions.
With his first official release Tristan Rêverb makes a post modern lullaby.
The song is supposed to transport the audiophile child as well as us grown ups to another world,
to carry us away from everyday life to a place of imagination and peace.
Escape from the daily rush. Give yourself a rest.
The sound is reminiscent of an afar presence.
Mixed by Tristan Rêverb and mastered by his very much appreciated friend Locoto.

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On a lazy afternoon, Tristan, together with Hades recordeda lo-fi song with hi-fi ambitions.
A lovesong to all the hyper egos out there.
Arranged to finally explode into 10000 guitars.So you really need to listen from the start to the end!

Soon to come “Friday Night Lights”:
9 lo-fi tracks recorded in 2005.
All tracks developed during the recordings, to capture the mood of work in progress.